Welcome to AccGirl Finance Limited

AccGirl Finance (Money Lender's Licence No. 1986/2023) is a member of the AccGirl Group. In line with the Group’s mission, AccGirl Finance focus on helping SMEs and entrepreneurs overcome difficulties and long lead times of obtaining credit from banks. AccGirl Finance provides Personal loans, Tax loans, Debt consolidation loans, Revolving Loans, Commercial loans, Home owner loans and Civil Servants / Professionals Loans etc. to meet SMEs’ and entrepreneurs' financial needs. Whether for product or service development, marketing, promotion, working capital or premises or equipment purchase, AccGirl Finance is your reliable partner.

Money Lender's Licence No.:1986/2023
Complaints hotline:+852 3465 9886
Complaints email: comment@accgirlfinance.com
Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries